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I’m sorry to my followers for the image above, but it’s the most shocking I’ve seen from the news about Boston and it might wake people up the what’s going on around them.

PEOPLE have done this. HUMAN BEINGS. I’m so done with humanity. As a planet we are just falling apart more and more every day and it’s the good people that are suffering. There’s just no need for all this violence all the time. What the fuck are these evil people trying to achieve by doing something like this? 

I want all of you to STAY SAFE.

This is just ridiculous. Why? Just, why??

People run a marathon in respect to the victims of the Connecticut shooting, and someone thinks “i’m gonna bomb them”. I just can’t. There’s too many disgusting people on this planet.

Oh My Gosh! I pray for that man. Look how pale he is from all the blood lost from his legs coming off. This is sad. How could a person in there right mind do this. It’s terrible. That man will now only have half of his legs, and may or may not life. His bone is just there, covered in blood, and his skin hanging. I just don’t get it. How could a person do this. Lord help them.

I have given up on humanity. What is wrong with some people?

it doesn’t matter if this “ruins” your blog, you should reblog this because it shows that you actually care, this man was running a marathon and doing something he loves and out of the blue his leg is amputated, reblog this to show respect, and pray for all those who were affected by the Boston bombing.

Some things can never be unseen. This is just terrible. My heart goes out to the people of Boston!

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